22 December 2018

The Spartis releasing their first ever single «Moving to Long Island»

The long wait is finally over! The Spartis are «Moving to Long Island» with the release of their first ever single. The tension and anticipation in the streets are literally vibrant as it is said to be one of the most significant musical releases since Pink Floyd’s «Dark side of the moon».

«A true masterpiece» — Rolling Stone Magazine
«Better than everything I heard in a long time» — 20 Minuten
«An instant classic» — Housewives Delight

The first press reaction will probably sound like that.

According to the band, the impact of this song will be even bigger. «It’s an unbelievable feeling to finally release our first song after countless hours of practice and optimizing the song and the recording», said Surs. «It’s not just the beauty of the song itself but also our message of rock and love that will have a big impact on future generations”, according to Sonn. Drummer Senne added that «the recording sessions felt so natural and productive — whatever we recorded had to sound great.»

The future looks bright as The Spartis are currently preparing their first full length album. Lead singer Sartyboy even teases us with their next steps. «I don’t want to spoil too much but we are planning a tour, starting regionally... on planet earth».

While the future looks better than ever, everyone should now relax, lay back and enjoy «Moving to Long Island».

22 April 2018

Surs is joining The Spartis

A lot has happened in the last few months. We are happy to announce that we have a new very talented lead guitarist. It's such a pleasure to come up with new melodies together with such a pro! Our new guy Surs is responsible that we were able to make another big step forward.

A few month ago we also decided to record a song by ourselves. The recording went fine but damn, the mixing takes so many hours. Because curly-haired Surs happened and cause we were not that happy with the result of our first self-production we agreed to try again. But this time we will outsource the difficult part meaning: Recording at home but letting a professional do the rest. We hope to upload the song as soon as possible!

Surs is also playing in a second band. His side poject guys have super nice equipment and were looking for a new rehearsal room. Now they moved into our band room for free. In return we can use their stuff. Tried it this afternoon and we finally know why it sounded not always perfect the past few years… it wasn't us, it was definitely the equipment!

Currently we are also designing a marvelous flag for the best four festival days of the year and hope to see you all at Greenfield 2018. Enjoy the summer, the sun and have the best time of your life!

2 February 2016

Moving forward

There's a lot going on in our world. We keep writing lots of new songs, we still have thousands of ideas for the future and we won't get tired working on our new album which will be called «Moving to Long Island».

In the last few months we finally cleaned our rehearsal room from the bottom to the top, we traveled around the world and back and we had lots of fun making progress. We also refreshed our website and improved our music production skills.

There is a lot more to come. Stay tuned!

13 September 2015

Open airs and new album

Sadly the open air season is already over. Thanks to all the nice people, new fans and everybody else who rocked with us in Interlaken and Gampel. It was awesome!

The last few months we were busy buying a fridge and new instruments for our rehearsal room and the brand-new amp is impressive. Also we are writing songs and improve our skills.

We even have a name for our next album. It doesn't have a release date yet but it will be out one day and will be called «Moving to Long Island». For the first time the album will also be available online. So be prepared and join us on the road to Long Island.

31 May 2015

Our room is taking shape

What a weekend we had: Friday evening, our bassist Sonn built a new mobile version of our website. Saturday, we all went shopping for our new rehearsal room and we even found a blue couch on the streets we immediately took with us. The new stuff and the couch are looking pretty good in our new place to be. Later we also bought new drums so Senne can move on making even more noise.

During the night, we were productive as hell. We sprayed some flags outdoor for the upcoming festival season and we had lots of new ideas for merchandise and new songs. We also put a lot of thoughts into the arrangement of our new favorite spot. We hope to realize all our plans soon.

Now we are looking forward to many more rehearsals inside our new home!

29 May 2015

Rent paid and shopping ahead

This week we paid rent for our new rehearsal room. So if everything works out, we can move into our new favorite place in the whole wide world tomorrow. It's awesome!

We are also going to meet each other tomorrow afternoon to go shopping. And we have to spray a flag with our logo for the upcoming festival season. This flag will hopefully help us to gain lots of new enthusiastic fans. If not the flag, what then?

10 May 2015

Awesome weekend

We had an incredible weekend because Senne wasn't around. He missed the Saturday afternoon band rehearsal. Our drummer decided to go to Africa with his temporary girlfriend. But girls don't be afraid, he's still single!

During this weekend we were really productive. Saturday, we almost wrote a new song called «Pride Before The Fall» for our upcoming album and slept until 7 o'clock in the evening. Some got it, some don't.

2 May 2015

Singer misses important meeting

Sonn and Senne Sparti are currently planing at which openair «The Spartis» should play this year. But they can't make any decisions without the lead singer around. Sartyboy seems to have better things to do than to discuss serious topics with his bandmates.

His behaviour is going to cost him some Lubelska for real! Let's look forward to some more produtive Saturday afternoons.

16 April 2015

First rehearsal room

We are about to sign a contract to rent our first rehearsal room. Until now we had to meet each other at somebody's home. That ends now!

We are looking forward to a lot of intense band rehearsals. And we pay a rent every month. That's the best incentive to feel obligated to rock together. If we don't, we are just throwing money away.

We'll try to meet each other as often as possible in our own new room. And we already have a lot of ideas for the future.

You can't keep a good band down!

7 August 2013

New website

Our new website is finally online. More content will follow soon.



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